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Message Archives

This page contains an archive of older messsages/sermons presented at Maranatha Baptist Church during our normal Sunday Morning Worship service, and is constantly updated. If you would like to view only the most recent messages, please visit our Messages page.

Note :  In order to view the messages for each sermon series, please click on the 'Message Details' link just below the series' summary.

Body Life
The unity & bond within a healthy church family is illustrated in the New Testament by a word picture: the Body of Christ. Such an image becomes visible in every town where churches are formed. This series addresses different aspects of what it means to belong to the local church.

Christ:  Above All - Colossians
Religious, scientific, and political voices continue to communicate that they can fulfill our needs and provide answers to life's largest questions. But messages and beliefs that do not lead back to the person of Christ are empty and dangerous. This series builds a defense against false ideas about Jesus and centers on the complete sufficiency and supremacy of Christ.

Courageous Campaign
This is a four-week series based on the Courageous movie. The film is about four policemen and their families learning what it means to be real men, fathers, and husbands.

Decision Making in the Will of God
Should I take the job, begin college, or get married? Am I wrong to make plans? How do I find God's will in these things? To navigate these significant life decisions requires maturity, humility, and insight. This series provides a biblical basis to understand the difference between God's "moral" will, as revealed in Scripture, and His "sovereign" will, which cannot be known before it happens. Thank God that He has given us the principles and freedom to exercise wisdom in areas that are not directly addressed in His Word.

Disciple Making 2014
God created His Church for a significant purpose: to make disciples for Christ. Come explore God's larger plan, Christ's method for disciple-making, and how these things should impact the work of our church in accomplishing the "great commission" - to make disciples of all nations. Click here to view a Timeline of the Gospels.

Fireproof – Relationships
Too many fights in your marriage? Not sure how to make changes? Or maybe your marriage just isn't as great as you'd like it to be. Having trouble getting along with your children? Maybe relationships at work or with your friends aren't very good. This Marriage and Relationship Series provides answers from the Bible. Learn the practical steps to take to improve your relationships!

QUEST means to go on an adventurous journey in pursuit of something valuable. In this life there's nothing more adventurous than searching for - and discovering - something, or someone greater than ourselves. Join us as we explore truths and compelling evidence for the existence of God, the beginning of the universe, the reliability of the Bible, the problem of pain and suffering, and the identity of Jesus.

Grace in Suffering
For believers in Jesus, this letter offers encouragement to recognize our position in Christ - we have a future inheritance that can never be destroyed! This first letter also offers a challenge to endure all things, particularly when we must suffer for doing the right thing.

Gray Matters
Ethics have to do with what is morally right and wrong. The focus is on what "ought" to be, based on God's unchanging character and word. Yet things get more complicated when we are forced to choose between two moral ideals that appear to be in tension. How do believers determine the best option in areas of life that are not directly discussed in the Bible?  This series addresses such ethical topics as the right to life, political involvement, government dependence, sexual relationships, and arts & entertainment.

Heaven and Hell
Heaven and Hell? Do these places really exist? There are many conflicting ideas on these topics today. This series goes straight to the Bible to see what really is true.

How Things Work
If we do not understand the way some things are put together, we won't do as well living in obedience to Christ. And in other cases, if we do not understand the way some things work, we will actually pay a price. This series identifies and explains the biblical foundations or core values for how God's Church was designed to function.

Keep Watch!  (2013)
We live in times when false ideas about God can overwhelm what is true. This study follows the Apostle's warning to keep pursuing spiritual maturity. Then we will be alert to identify and resist false teaching as we look forward to the return of Christ.

Loving Relationships
Love should be balanced -- not just operating from emotions and feelings but being expressed to others by giving of ourselves without expecting anything in return. The goal is for each of us to more effectively and deliberately portray the love of Christ to our church family, our guests, and members of our community.

Modeling Jesus
It is not enough to know the words or actions of Jesus to be His disciple. Believers are called to model or copy Him in every way possible. Modeling Jesus requires not only an understanding, but a harmonization of His words, works, heart, and mind. Only then can we live our lives accurately reflecting the priorities and goals of Christ.

My People - Judges

Philosophy of Ministry
God created His Church for a significant purpose: to make disciples for Christ. A biblical philosophy of ministry will determine what is important, where we spend our time & resources, and how we evaluate what we do. Come explore God's larger plan, Christ's strategy for disciple-making, our philosophy of ministry, and how these things impact the work of our church in accomplishing the "Great Commission."

Resolving Everyday Conflict
Interpersonal tension builds up walls and tears down relationships... whether at work or at home; whether between friends or family. God's word offers practical answers concerning the root cause of conflict, the nature of a good apology, and what forgiveness really means.

Speaking Sweet Words
This two-part study in Proverbs offers us practical ways to be encouragers and to accept encouragement from others.

Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual War!! Ever felt like there was a spiritual battle going on in your world? Are there good and evil spirits present today? How much power do they have? Do we have any resources to overcome the evil? The Spiritual War sermon series will help you to gain victory through God's power as you learn what the Bible has to say about spiritual warfare.

The Pursuit Of Excellence
Kids games no longer keep score. Trophies are given for just showing up. Certificates of achievement are offered for achieving nothing. In a world that celebrates and pressures us to live mediocre lives, this series will set the bar higher. Christ wants our best, not our leftovers!

Way of Wisdom
The series focuses on the Book of Proverbs -- a collection of short statements that reflect the truth about various aspects of life. They are highly "practical" and continue to apply to contemporary life and relationships.

What is Truth?
Our moment-to-moment decisions are shaped by the worldview we have adopted whether we realize it or not. Developing or strengthening a view that is Biblical means you are actively changing, adding to, or destroying those parts of your "actual" worldview to make it conform to God's character, will, and His definition of truth.

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